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  • Point Blank OA-93 For CS 1.6/CZ

    Hi ! it's been a while since i post something in this blog. Okay lets end the intoduction already.

    Some time ago, Point Blank Online Indonesia release a brand new weapon called "OA-93" or "Olympic Arms-93", this weapon design is kinda interesting to me. Small, deadly, light, have a good damage and accuracy and have dual mode feature like "Kriss Super V" , make this weapons is cool as hell. I hope PB keep updating badass weapons like this in the future.


    -Point Blank models, similar 90 % with the real one.
    -Point Blank original texture.
    -Point Blank real sound from ingame.
    -Real origin.
    -Smooth animation.
    -Replacing MP5 ingame.

    sadly, i don't have any interest in animating anymore, so i use BrainCollector animation instead. No dual mode. Plus i don't make p_models and w_models, too lazy to do it teehee ~.

    Okay, this is the pic :

    by keenhide

    OA-93 By KeenHide

    Credits :



    Converter models and texture

    Remodel, Re-UV,sound port, compile, texture edit,etc



    Download OA-93 mods : Here (size 852 kb) (Zippyshare.com)
    Password : keenhide

    That's all,i hope you enjoy it. And if you want to share, PLEASE ! i beg you, don't give direct link, please give link to this post or my blog.


  • Point Blank M4 CQB lvl.3 + 870MCS for CS 1.6/CZ

    Hi there ! waiting my update all this time ? :p ok no need any words,you'll know what update this time,just see the title/screenshot below.

    Ingame :

    Want it ? this mods use major reload animations ! or whatever what it called, i'm not sure.


    Model editing,animation,compile,sound porting,sound bitrate fix,texture editing,edit polycount models

    Port models and texture,edit texture

    Original creator models,sound and texture

    Hands models

    .: Please read terms and condition before downloading :.


    Download this mods : here (sharebeast.com, size : 2 MB) | here (zippyshare.com, size 2 MB)
    Password WinRAR : keenhide

    *for some reason,i can't upload it to sharebeast,so just use zippyshare link :)

    Make sure try it ingame !

    Happy playing and have fun,see you next time (maybe)

  • AN-94 for CS 1.6/CZ

    Nothing to say about this. Another nice rifle from Russia. Point Blank New weapon "AN-94" now available for your CS 1.6/CZ.Replace your Sig-552 ingame.

    SS :

    By Keenhide @ www.keenhidemoddercounterstrike.blogspot.com

    By Keenhide @ www.keenhidemoddercounterstrike.blogspot.com

    By Keenhide @ www.keenhidemoddercounterstrike.blogspot.com

    Credits / Key Authors (Fixed)

    Models and texture
    -Nexon (AN-94) i just realize this when see the UV maps and poly models -_-

    Port models
    -Skript47 (Rail model)
    -KeenH (Rail model)
    -BlackRanjau (Model under rail and scope) well, i don't know what that thing name xD

    Animation,compile,sound port,and others edit

    Hackmodels and edit texture
    -Muhammad Hisyam


    Download AN-94 mods : here (Via Sharebeast.com Size 1,04 MB) < Link Dead
    Fixed Link : Via Ge.tt
    Password WinRar : keenhide

    Edit : This models is not 100% convert from PB,the main AN-94 body still use Nexon models,but the Rail and scope is real PB models,uhmm, at least,this mods is similar with the real one.

    in other words,.no p_models,w_models,and fake PB AN-94 models. But i hope you enjoy this.

    Thanks for visit or download.
  • Kriss SVG and Arabian Sword Mods For CS 1.6/CZ

    Hello everyone ! in last day at 2013,we'll give you mods,what is it ?

    -Kriss S.V.G
    -Arabian Sword (Requested by Gaa Victor Ferreira)

    Well,that kriss isn't different than previous mods,just change texture and reposition the stock.



    Creator models / texture

    Converter models
    -BlackRanjau (Arabian Sword models)

    Anims,compile,convert sound,and other edit


    Download new year 2014 mods : Here !!! (Via Zippyshare.com Size 2.2 MB)
    Password WinRAR : keenhide

    if the file deleted from server,please tell us, just comment below,we'll fix the link a.s.a.p

    If you like our mods,at least,follow this blog !

    ~Thanks for visit and download. Enjoy you holiday ! ~

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